Olympic Freight Pak. Pvt., Ltd.

Cargo Ready report & Booking :

Booking/readiness details of a particular P.O., style having qty/pieces, along with vendor/factory details to be obtained through buyer/importer for coordination with buying agent and factories.

We operate with our own license with port and customs for SOC :

We offer our uninterrupted service to the SOC operators at all Paistan Ports & Terminals for safe receiving / manifesting / issue delivery order / storing in safe custody and prompt re-exporting of the same as per the instructions given by the owner of the container or the importer or the shipper himself. To facilitate this service our company is registered with customs / port and having a special license to handle SOC / COC.


We have a very close tie up / rapport with all major COC operators ie., the main liners / carriers for any type of containers with best ocean freight for world wide destinations. With this privilege we meet the requirements of our clients like importers / exporters / principals for their nominations.


The main aspects / system of door to door is pick up of cargo from the shipper's premises and delivering the same at door of the shipper's respective consignee / importers. Our services for this are trucking the cargo / admitting in CFS / customs clearing / arranging shipments with swift documentation for shipper, importers /tracking the cargo till final destinations / arranging smooth pick up at destinations / transporting to the door of the respective consignee. We do provide all the logistics/transportation & custom clearance services for Afghanistan Cargo via Karachi Port to Kabul, Kandhar, Jalalabad and other cities as well.

OK to SHIP :

After having received the booking details thru the vendor/factory at origin, the same info., would be transmitted/forwarded to the concerned person at Importers office in USA, for obtaining approval/ok to ship for a particular P. O., style, pieces/quantities, also showing the proposed/suggested vessel  choices with departure ex-origin port, and arrival at the U.S. port of entry.

The message for obtaining ok to ship will also contain the info., about total number of cartons, carton sizes/measurements, total CBMs, recommended to be shipped as LCL or FCL, and obtain approval to ship as FCL or LCL and number of containers/sizes.


Having received the approval/ok to ship thru., the importer/buyer, the booking for a particular vessel would be arranged with the shipping line for approved vessel and a loading program for FCL or LCL cargo would be issued to the vendors/factories with mention of CY cut-off for FCL and CFS cut-off for LCL cargo.


The strict security controls are maintained at the time of issuance and placement of container/equipment from the Shipping Line Terminals/yard, and a thorough inspection of a particular container sizes are carried-out by the ops., executives and in the presence of any of the factory's rep. Similarly, CY containers placed at the factories are stuffed in the presence of ops., executives to ensure optimum usage of container space and the containers are transported from the factory premises to the port area under security guard's supervision.

The custom clearance formalities are also done in the presence of ops. executive to ensure shipment sail as per planned vessel, and all the related Govt., formalities are completed in a smoother way.


Our Ops., executives equipped with mobile phones and vehicles remain available at factories, port area, CFS yard, and also ensure availability during the vessel loading after customs even in the late hours  at port, maintain a 24 hrs., service.

PRE-ALERT/Details of the shipments :

After departure of the vessel thru., port of origin, a pre-alert is transmitted, which contains, the entire details of shipment i.e., total cartons shipped, total pieces., bill of lading details, the name of feeder vessel, name of mother vessel, and arrival date at the destination.


The Docs., & Ops., dept., maintain a close eye on the movement of shipment, so that all vessel connections are maintained as per approved vessel arrival plans.


The B/Ls' are immediately released, within 2 hours of vessel departure, to the respective vendors, so that vendors could ensure timely dispatch of the documents.


The trucking and transportation arrangements/facilities are available for shipments/cargo originated at distant industrial cities, and containers/equipment availability also ensured at different dry ports in the country.


Having own warehouses being maintained by experienced staff.


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Olympic Freight Pak. Pvt., Ltd.
Olympic Freight Pak. Pvt., Ltd.
Olympic Freight Pak. Pvt., Ltd.